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Let's Be Honest.

Recruitment can be a headache. Here's some ways we're fixing that for our candidates and clients: 

1. No more resourcers. We only employ consultants with a minimum of five years experience in their field. You'll notice the difference in results, and the amount of Apprentice-esque nonsense you have to listen to.

2. Almost complete honesty. Within the boundaries of politeness we trust that as adults our clients and candidates are able to take some constructive feedback.

3. Quality over quantity. We endeavour to only work with proven, trustworthy clients and candidates.  

4. A few key relationships. This means knowing our friends inside-out, absolutely committing to working towards their goals, and going out and spreading the word about what makes them great.

5. Total reach. With our small client base we are free to aggressively headhunt within 95% of the market. And we really enjoy it too.

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