People & Culture

This begins with examining your organizational culture, and making some decisions about how you want your business to be perceived by your employees, your clients, and your competitors. 

Then on to the more challenging part, where we take an honest look at how this meshes with your offer and onboarding process, training, development, employee perks, and remuneration.

All of the above exercises are centred around increasing staff retention and increasing the happiness, and therefore the productivity of your people.

Talent Attraction

All the perks of an internal recruiter, without the basic salary. 

You'll be the only business in your sector who we work with. We'll take the time to understand your brand, and then go out and bang the drum on your behalf. In exchange we will expect a fee per placement, a chair in your office for one day a week, and an invite to your Christmas party. 

Vendor Management

You may have noticed how frustrating it is dealing with recruiters. You may also at some point have thought about just how much time is wasted having the same conversation with five different people. ​

We can help by acting as an intermediary, effectively programming the filling of your live roles including taking briefs, writing and refining specifications, appointing a PSL, renegotiating fees, screening and filtering submissions, and even undertaking first interviews on your behalf if desirable. 

All of this should give you and your people more time to do what you do best.